It Pays to Belong to NAIFA

As NAIFA celebrates its 125th anniversary, a few Women of NAIFA (WON) share some of the reasons they joined NAIFA and the role the association has played in their rise to the top. In this interview, YAT Committee Member, Aprilyn Geissler, explains why it pays to belong to NAIFA.

untitledNAIFA: When did you join NAIFA and why? What does NAIFA mean to you?

Aprilyn Geissler: I joined NAIFA in 2005 because two members of my local association came to my office and talked to me about the benefits of NAIFA. What NAIFA means to me is hard to articulate in a short response, but it is the sum of the benefits I’ve received that have made me a better and more successful person. The networking has caused me to retool my business. LILI has made me a better leader and person. And serving on local, state and national committees has helped me become a more civic-conscious community leader.

Spending time with other successful advisors and agents has also given me the confidence to set goals and achieve them in business. Going to Capitol Hill and meeting with my representatives has given me an awareness of our political process and how to be a part of that process.

NAIFA: Briefly state your title, company, and what you do in your practice.

Geissler: I own a Farmers Insurance and Financial Services Agency, where we focus on Property, Casualty, Life, Commercial, Health and Financial Services.  I manage the agency and meet with clients specifically for appointments dealing with life, financial services and commercial insurance.

NAIFA: How long have you been an advisor, and what do you like the most about what you do?

Geissler: I have been an advisor for 11 years with Farmers. Prior to that, I was with Northwestern Mutual as a college agent. I really enjoy educating clients and helping them to plan for the future and for unexpected events. In addition, I like networking with those in my community, building lasting business relationships.

NAIFA: Why did you decide to become an agent/advisor?

Geissler: When I was in high school, our Farmers agent came to our home and met with my parents at the kitchen table. That stuck in my mind. When I went to college and was pursuing my finance degree with hopes of owning my own business, it occurred to me that becoming an insurance agent, like my parents’ agent, was what I was meant to do.

NAIFA: What are some of the steps you took to move ahead and what role did NAIFA play in your advancement?

Geissler: I have retooled my agency and my role in it. Through NAIFA networking and educational classes, I have also learned more about different types of insurance products to better help my clients. Thanks to NAIFA, I attended LILI, where I refined my business plan and set clearer goals for my business. In addition, I was able to hone my leadership skills as a result of serving on NAIFA committees.

NAIFA: What are you doing to celebrate NAIFA’s milestone event?

Geissler: I plan to submit my story and photos on the website and post them on my social media with the tag #naifa125.

NAIFA: Do you have any congratulatory messages for NAIFA as it celebrates its 125th anniversary?

Geissler: I am honored to be a member of NAIFA and to be a part of what other agents and advisors have built over the last 125 years. Congratulations, NAIFA, on all your successes throughout the years! Here’s to a NAIFA future with an intact industry, where advisors can help their clients!


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