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HeadshotWelcome to the Association Leadership Home page for NAIFA’s yearlong celebration of the 125th anniversary! We hope every state and local will take part in this celebration by utilizing the creative materials provided on this page, and by contributing content to this site.

Please encourage your colleagues and members to share their favorite stories about NAIFA in the form of blog posts, photos and videos. They may submit content using the form on the home page of this site, or by sending an email to

These virtual updates will supplement the 1990 publication, Voices From the Field, a history of the association by George Norris. Let’s all celebrate NAIFA’s more recent achievements and extend our collective story into the 21st century. Enjoy!

Kevin Mayeux, Esq., CAE, CRMA

Here’s How You Can Take Action

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    • This post – Friends for Life – can be tweeted and shared on your Facebook and LinkedIn pages, especially in groups your members and prospects use.
    • The anniversary video can be posted on your state or local web site, and you can share the link with others.
    • This featured content from NAIFA Greater Detroit’s Kris Wolfe celebrates the work of our states and locals, which together make up this great Federation.
    • Continue to look for content on the AT Blog and NAIFABlog for use in your communications. Engage and contribute to the blogs. Submit your own post to the editors or comment on an existing post.
    • Encourage your members to submit content; ask them to share a success story about how NAIFA helped them grow or protect their business. Ask them about their favorite memory about being a NAIFA member (favorite meeting, benefit, mentor). Create a dialogue.
    • Make a point of regularly using the “Did You Know” content in your membership communications (see below).
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    • Finally, mark your calendar with weekly reminders to visit this site and utilize the content to engage members and prospects with messages on why it pays to be a member.

“Did you Know?” Content

  • NAIFA was founded in 1890, the same year Dwight D. Eisenhower, Groucho Marx, Agatha Christie and Colonel Sanders were born. Idaho and Wyoming became the 43rd and 44th states of the Union that year.
  • NAIFA members were instrumental in ensuring the 1913 law creating the federal income tax contained exemptions for life insurance dividends and death benefits that remain in effect today.
  • NAIFA has been instrumental in the creation of such leading industry groups as LIMRA (1916), The American College (1927), MDRT (1927), GAMA (1951), AALU (1967), WIFS (1979) and Life Happens (1994).
  • NAIFA-National has been headquartered in Boston (1890-1909), New York City (1909-1956), Washington, D.C. (1956-2000) and Falls Church, Va. (2000-present).
  • NAIFA’s Advisor Today magazine was first published in 1906 as Life Association News.
  • Florence E. Shaal, elected as a vice president in 1920, was the first woman to serve on NAIFA’s Executive Committee.
  • NAIFA was originally the National Association of Life Underwriters (NALU). The National Council approved the name change in 1999 to reflect members’ broadening practice specialties.

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